Brian Jones

Some Opinions About Brian

"I was never really dependent on drugs. They had never done anything positive for me. I hope this will be an example to young people who attempt to try drugs."  Brian Jones'  

"Brian was a cat who could play any instrument. It was like: 'There it is. Music comes out of it. If I work at it for a bit, I can do it.' It's him on marimbas on "Under My Thumb" and mellotron on quite a few things on "Satanic Majesties". He was the strings on "2,000 Light Years From Home". Brian on mellotron and brass on "We Love You", all that Arabic riff. He was one of those people who are so beautiful in one way, and such an asshole in another. Keith Richards  
"Brian wasn't really good material to be in the pop business. He was too sensitive to every real slight or perceived slight; just over-sensitive to everything. I think he was a shy person and shy people in show business put themselves at risk.     Mick Jagger  

It was  hilarious . We got up at three in the afternoon and played records all day . Brian was  really funny  obsessed  with R&B and promoting The Rolling Stones Charlie  Watts.

Brian was the inventor and inspiration of the Stones. The band would  not have existed without him . He never received that proper credit during his life . Bill Wyman  

Brian and I agreed that he, Brian, wouldn't live very long.  I remember saying, You'll never make 30, man, and he said, I know. Keith Richard 

There were two Brians…one was introverted, shy, sensitive, deep-thinking…the other was a preening peacock, gregarious, artistic, desperately needing assurance from his peers…he pushed every friendship to the limit and way beyond." It certainly seemed that rock and roll stardom and Jones' personality were on a collision course from day one. One that Brian couldn't possibly survive. He couldn't and he wouldn't.   Wyman  


At the start of the Stones it was Brian who was the monster head. Brian was incredibly aggressive in performance. By then his hair was pretty long, and he had what was almost a permanent pout, crossed with a leer, and he used to look incredibly randy most of the time. He used to jump forward with the tambourine and smash it in your face and sneer at you at the same time.   Alexis Korner  

He was always nice to me . Charlie Watts 

That was a great period. We were like the  kings of the jungle then, and we were very close to the Stones. I don't know how the others were, I spent a lot of time with Brian and Mick, and I admire them.  John Lennon

"I felt it was essential to point out what a pioneer Brian was: Brian was the first person in England to play bottleneck guitar when nobody knew what it was. He had continued to develop his interest in different instruments and brought to our attention a great deal we might otherwise have missed. As for his personality, for all his weaknesses and hang-ups, his impertinence and terrible behaviour, he was a pivotal figure. As a symbol of the sixties that helped to shape us, he was entitled to a free pardon".    Bill Wyman  

 Monterey Festival June '67

Brian seemed to be conveying in the neighborhood of jupiter .After the 40 minutes flight to Monterey . Jones spoke to me for the first time. Hi Al . I don´t think he was aware that our introdution had taken place some forty five minutes before. Brian spent his time at the festival mingling with the hippies on the grounds and tripping on L.S.D., brilliantly splattered in costume jewlry wearing a gold lame coat with beads and scarves . Brian would be the one to introduce Hendrix for his historical performance , the two artits having immense mutual admiration and respect for each other .  Al Kooper  

Brian was flying on a tab of purple Owsley(flying London to New york). Noel Redding

We called Jimi Hendrix in London -- no one in the States knew who he was yet. He'd been playing as Jimmy James & The Blue Flames at the Cafe Wha? down in the Village the first time I'd seen him, and then I'd seen him in London in November ['66] London as The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Then, when I talked with Brian Jones [of The Rolling Stones] before Monterey, he told me, 'You've got to have this guy -- he's tearing Europe to pieces!' . John Phillips


Janitor of lunacy. Nico Tribute to Brian december 1970.

Janitor of lunacy
Paralyze my infancy
Petrify the empty cradle
Bring hope to them and me

Janitor of tyranny
Testify my vanity
Mortalize my memory
Deceive the Devil's deed  

Tolerate my jealousy
Recognize the desperate need

Janitor of lunacy
Identify my destiny
Revive the living dream
Forgive their begging scream

Seal the giving of their seed
Disease the breathing grief  

I´m  wordless  sad and shocked . Something has gone. We were like a pack ., like a family , we the Stones . I just say my prayers for him. I hope he becomes blessed .  hope he is finding peace , I really want him to . I wasn’t ever really close to him. Mick Jagger

He  was different over the years as he disintegrated. He ended up the kind of guy that you dread he'd come on the phone, you know, because you knew it was trouble. He was really in a lot of pain. But in the early days he was all right, because he was young and confident. He was one of them guys that disintegrated in front of you. And he was all right, and he wasn't sort of brilliant or anything, he was just a nice guy.  John Lennon.  

He got much nicer just before he died, the last few years of his life, but I felt even sorrier for him for what we did to him then. We took his one thing away, which was being in a band, I felt.   Charlie Watts, 

In the beginning Brian ran the band. But he really wanted to be called the leader of the band. I didn't particularly want to be the leader of the band. There WASN'T a leader. But as we became more popular people took more pictures of me. And Brian would be jealous.   Mick Jagger

Jim Morrison wrote this  poem in honour of Brian Jones

I'm a resident of a city
They've just picked me
to play the Prince of Denmark
Poor Ophelia
All the ghosts he never saw,
floating to doom on an iron candle

Come back, brave warrior,
Do the dive 
On another channel

Hot buttered pool
Where's Marrakesh
under the Falls
the wild storm
where savages fell out
in late afternoon
monsters of rhythm

You've left your
to compete with
I hope you went out 
Like a child
Into the cool remnant 
of a dream

The angel man
with Serpents competing
for his palms
and fingers
Finally claimed

The angel man
with Serpents competing
for his palms
and fingers
Finally claimed

This benevolent


Leaves, sodden
in silk

mad stifled

The diving board, the plunge
The pool

You were a fighter
a damask musky muse

You were the bleached
for TV afternoon

maverick of a yellow spot

Look now to where it's got

in meat heaven
w/ the cannibals
& jews

The gardener
The body, rampant, floating

Lucky Stiff
What is the green pale stuff
You've made of

poke holes in the goddess

Will he Stink
Carried heavenward
Thru the halls
of music

No chance

Requiem for a heavy

That smile
That porky satyr's
has leaped upward
into the loam
I used to know him quite well. Fairly well. I know a lot about the vibes that were about. The Stones have always been a group that I really dug very much. Dug all the dodgy aspects of them as well, and Brian Jones has always been what I've regarded as one of the dodgy aspects. The way he fitted in there and the way he didn't fit in, I always felt he was one of the strong dynamics of the group. I credited him with a lot. A little bit of love might have sorted him out. I don't think his death was necessarily a bad thing for Brian. I think he'll do better next time." Pete Townshend  

He was very talented, but he was a very paranoid personality and not at all suited to be in show business  .   Jagger

"When I met him I liked him quite a lot. He was a good fellow, you know. I got to know him very well, I think, and I felt very close to him; you know how it is with some people, you feel for them, feel near them. He was born February 28, 1943, and I was born on February 25, 1943, and he was with Mick and Keith and I was with John and Paul in the groups, so there was a sort of understanding between the two of us. The positions were similar, and I often seemed to meet him in his times of trouble. There was nothing the matter with him that a little extra love wouldn't have cured. I don't think he had enough love or understanding. He was very nice and sincere and sensitive, and we must remember that's what he was."   Harrison


 If ever a man genuinely lived the rock and roll life and naturally characterized the Stones in every way –long before the five of us assumed a style , it was Brian jones. The band would not existed without him . Many attitudes and sounds of the sixtieswere developed from Brian ‘s style and determination . He was the archetypal middle –class kid screaming to break away from his background , bumming around in deal end jobs before finally finding his niche . And when he found it , he hammered it across to  the world  with idealism and commitment.   Bill Wyman


 "Well, today's a pretty normal day for Brian. He always seemed to be losing out one way or another. I used to see a lot of the Stones' success lying with him but the rest of the Stones never really dug him. He was always under some drug or other, a very druggy sort of person."   Pete Townshend.  

"I used to play my guitar as a kid
wishing that I could be like him
But today I changed my mind
I decided that I don't want to die
But it was a normal day for Brian
Rock and Roll's that way
It was a normal day for Brian
A man who died every day"  

I can't really say anything about Brian. It's such a personal thing and it's impossible to sum up a friend cold-bloodedly. It's a great personal loss that leaves me at a loss for words. No matter what i were to say, it would not be enough".   Watts

I think there must be some intangible element that he was bringing to the Stones  , you know , that kept it from being too Chuck Berry.    Lindsey Buckingham/Fleetwood Mac