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 What  can I  say about Lourdes? Excellent friend and more than  an efficient secretary in  the Stones’ world. She´s the sixth Rolling Stone. We love you Sweety!!!. Manu Cuesta my old school mate ,  now a star of tv. friends forever!!!


Rutger & Frank  Janssen visiting us at home and enjoying a good southern time.


Miguel Aguilera, our favorite Spanish singer. Buy  “Violetas” CD.


Margie Calvano showing  her tattoo… she´s a big fan on Jones as well as a beloved friend from N.J.


Too young to die… Great record the last one of our friend Roxanne Fontana in USA. Good luck dear!!!.


Mat Treiber musician and husband of Roxanne . Mary Roucoulet and husband in the States we liked very much your site. Nico our main Danish connection.


Uwe and some German friends. Mick Taylor signing records & the pleasant and kind Anna Wohlin.


Mary Roucoulet. Clayton Jeter. Jorge and Wyman. Jeter Family.


Sweet Black Angel touring The States Like a Rolling Stone.


College Party 25th Anniversary. God bless everyone!!!.


Continue with the party in the Church.


Alejandro and Paco plus Rob. Rafa from Granada.


Motohiro family and friends.