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If you want to see me sorry but, I´m not around
If you want to feel me come  to my hometown…
Yes  I´m living in a place named  Aftermath  near Tangier . Here the sunshine is always up and the sky is blue.
I use to play my slide guitar with John & Hendrix and my flute for Suki… don´t forget to remenber that I´m missing you all.Thanks for remember me.
Brian Jones july 3, 2001.
We would get-together a band and play in these parties. We called ourselves Thunder Odin and the Big Secret.
Jones also recalled that from the outset , Brian always made it clear that these impronptu get-together were for fun only. Despite Paul’s repeated invitations to turn the group into a serious proposition, Brian always turn it down.
Brian would always say to me, I don’t join other peoples bands, I only help them out or form my own.
(Paul Jones, early singer of Manfred Mann)
- from Terry Rawlings book “Who Kill Christopher Robin”-

Brian Jones Vox guitar.


No longer at the hard rock caféin N.Y.C. It has been moved to the hard.
Rock`s London vault, which is located in the basement of the new retail.
Store, across the street from the London Hard Rock Café.
There are no plan at this time to send it back to N.Y.C. the London vault has approximately 20 of the gratest pieces in the Hard Rock’s memorabilia collection… I got this info from the Hard Rock Café International. I emailed them re: This matter and the ACQ. Mgr. Barrie herman replied whith this info… I thoug this would be interesting for all fans to know… I must say, I was very lucky to see it before they moved it to London… I went to the H.R.C. on Brian’s B’day 28 of february 2001.

Attached is a photo that it took… and I also got to touch it! And that I will never forget…
Love, Margie xoxo